Company Profile

Diehl Aerospace is a first tier supplier for avionics and lighting systems. As a joint venture between Diehl Aviation and Thales the company stands for high-quality and innovative products in the field of aircraft systems. Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer are among the key customers.

Diehl Aerospace’s products in the avionics section include cockpit and display systems as well as high lift control systems and avionics platforms, such as the Integrated Modular Avionics.

In the cabin section the product portfolio comprises interior lighting, such as mood lighting, emergency lighting and lighting for lavatories. Besides, it has a wide range of safety and supply systems on offer. For the Integrated Modular Avionics, the entire illumination package, the Doors and Slides Management System and the High Lift Control System, Diehl Aerospace holds the system responsibility.

contribution to opstimal

Diehl Aerospace brings its knowledge of cabin systems to Opstimal. Diehl Aerospace is involved in HAP2, HAP3 and HAP4. With HAP2, the company wants to explore how data can be efficiently transferred to and from the cabin as well as analyse collected cabin data for predictive health monitoring. HAP3, subcontracted to TUBS, serves to visualize and manage maintenance-related cabin information on the ground in order to improve corresponding turnaround durations. In HAP4, the results obtained from HAP2 and HAP3 are integrated together with focus on holistic optimisation and feedback to cabin systems for improved results with respect to health monitoring.

Project Contact

Dr. Ursula Hoffmann
Marcel Schmedes
Gooneshwaree Hurry

Diehl Aerospace GmbH
An der Sandelmühle 13
60439 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 69 5805-0