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The EDOM research group at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen Nuremberg (FAU) has key competence in modelling, mathematical analysis and practical solution of mathematical optimization under uncertainty, as well as their applications in production, logistics, energy and engineering sciences. Our expertise comes from a great variety of national and European third-party funded projects, e.g. in H2020-MSCA ITN “MINOA” (project coordinator), the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center TRR154 and the Energy Campus Nuremberg (EnCN). The FAU with its nearly 40.000 students, more than 250 courses and almost 600 professors belongs to Germany’s ten largest and broadest universities, and the FAU’s strength in innovations is evidenced.

contribution to opstimal

The EDOM research group at FAU Erlangen Nuremberg is responsible for mathematical optimization of processes, mostly for Tail Assignment optimization. This is to find the “best” assignment of aircraft to flight legs, such that the assigned aircraft fulfils the requirements of the flight and can operated cost efficiently. Often, it is not possible to assign each flight to the best-fitting aircraft, so trade-offs have to be made. The optimization is also designed to produce solutions, which are resilient to inexact data input or unforeseen data changes during the realization process of the solution. Furthermore, the FAU is responsible for the coordination of holistic optimization. This aims for matching the solutions of the different project partners to become a conflict free and synergy-exploiting overall solution of the “system of the systems”.

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A rolling horizon approach for multi-period optimization. Preprint available here.

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Frauke Liers
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Florian Rösel
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Lukas Glomb
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