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As a leading institute for applied research and application-oriented innovation in information and communications technology, the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE develops technologies and processes with the aim of early detection, mitigation and management of existential risks. In close cooperation with strategic partners, the institute is dedicated to the entire processing chain of data and information: from acquisition, transmission and processing to reliable protection.

The Fraunhofer FKIE is committed to this mission both in the civilian sector and in command and reconnaissance processes in the defence technology sector. The human factor is of central importance to the work carried out at Fraunhofer FKIE. Research focuses on developing effective and efficient human-machine systems: people are placed at the center as decision makers and responsible actors. In the context of the German Armed Forces, civilian security agencies and the industry, the Fraunhofer FKIE develops methods and procedures for all aspects of security.

contribution to opstimal

We contribute to the work packages 3 “Turnaround & Fleet Management” and 4 “Holistic Optimization”.

Within the turnaround, the FKIE develops a prototype for optimizing the de-icing process while specifying and implementing the interfaces to link our module to the partner’s systems using the SWIM format for data exchange.

In work package 4 we develop the user interfaces “Situation Display” (visualization to enhance the situational awareness) and “Option Display” (user interaction) to demonstrate the optimization results and thus, the benefit of this project.
Additionally, we are responsible for the design of the IT security concept.

Project Contact

Arne Schwarze
Head of Research Group Systems for Situational Awareness
phone: +49 (0)228 9435 897

FKIE Fraunhofer Institute for Communication,
Information Processing and Ergonomics
Department Information Technology for Command and Control
Fraunhoferstr. 20
D-53343 Wachtberg