Company Profile

Jeppesen is part of the Digital Solutions division of Boeing Global Services. Boeing has the broadest range of support and services in the industry, giving customers a competitive advantage in solving real-world operational problems, making decisions, maximizing efficiency and improving environmental performance – intelligent information solutions across the aviation ecosystem. For more than 80 years, Jeppesen has been helping pilots and passengers reach their destinations safely. We process aeronautical data, provide workforce planning solutions and develop critical navigation and optimization solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of the world’s air transportation. Jeppesen is the world lead in NAVData and has established a research department called DS&A LAB where new ideas, tools and programs for use in the aerospace industry are being developed. The German office works closely with our offices in Gdansk, Denver, Seattle, Singapore Sweden and other parts of the world.

contribution to opstimal

We want to contribute with our direct customer relationship which helps to understand the Airline Operation Challenges. With this information and our expertise in the field of cockpit applications, Fleet and Flight planning as well as optimization we want to bring the industry forward in its Disruption Management. As the consortio-lead , Jeppesen is involved in all work packages of Opstimal. As Airline Operation experts we bring in our expertise, products (Jetplanner, AHM, OPsAdvisor) and data (OFP, Taxi Prediction and Crew Scheduling) to reach our mutual end-goal.

Project Contact

Christian Klein-Wolf
phone: +49 6102 508408 | mobile: +49 1727594313

Jeppesen GmbH
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