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The Institute of Flight Guidance (IFF) is part of the Aerospace Center of the Technische Universität of Braunschweig (TUBS). The scientific activities include amongst others research on human machine interaction with focus on aircraft (cockpit and cabin) and airline applications, air/ground cooperative Air Traffic Management (ATM), integrated satellite based navigation systems for land and airborne vehicles and flight testing using two research aeroplanes.

contribution to opstimal

IFF supports Jeppesen by developing various software tools and interfaces. These interfaces form vital organs of the final demonstrator to be delivered by Opstimal.

IFF provides expert knowhow accross all workpackages within Opstimal and supports Jeppesen in high level project management. IFF is involved in Opstimal, because it posesses decades long experience in airline operation and software development. The institut has long been Boeing’s trusted partner in research and PhD projects.

IFF contributes to Opstimal by delivering vital software tools and interfaces. It engages one full time research associate as a project manager and solution architect and one part time research assistant as a software developer. IFF is engaged within workpackages “Predictive Maintenance” (2), “Turnaround, Fleet, Crew & Passengers” (3) and “Holistic Optimization” (4) when it comes to the aforementioned deliverables. It is engaged in all workpackages by providing expert know how in aviation however.

Project Contact

Thomas Feuerle  
phone: +49(0)531 391 9812 | mobile: +49(0)151 4253 8529

Institut für Flugführung / Institute of Flight Guidance
Hermann-Blenk-Str. 27
D-38108 Braunschweig