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Technische Universität Dresden (TUDD) is one of the leading and most dynamic universities in Germany and was identified by the German government as a ‘University of Excellence’. TUDD has about 34,000 students and over 8,300 employees, 560 professors among them. As a full-curriculum university with 14 faculties in five schools, it offers a broad variety of 129 degree programmes and covers a wide research spectrum. The Institute of for Logistics and Aviation has a long term expertise in flight and airport operations as well as terminal processes. It holds 25 scientific researchers and three professor-ships. The Chair offers education to students who wish to become graduate Transport Engineers (Dipl.-Ing. or M.Sc.) with a focus on Air Transport Technologies. The research covers process-oriented knowledge in the fields of turnaround operations, passenger dynamics, terminal design, flight planning, trajectory optimization, safety and security as well as environmental impact.

contribution to opstimal

TU Dresden aims at developing an integrated decision support algorithm for robust turnaround management under uncertainty. With this we contribute to work packages 3 (turnaround & fleet management) and 4 (holistic integration & optimization). In AP 3.1 we define a use case for a turnaround monitoring and steering tool “Ground Manager – GMAN 2.0”, which incorporates the integrated scheduling model for robust turnaround management. In AP3.3 we help to create a scenario which integrates all partner systems and their calculated data involved during the turnaround. In AP 3.4 we develop the robust and integrated scheduling model for the steering of multiple parallel turnarounds. Finally, in AP 4.4 we contribute to the integration of the local solutions for the turnaround into the holistic optimization.

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Hartmut Fricke
phone: +49 351 463-36739

Potthoff-Bau (POT), Raum 165
Hettnerstraße 1-3
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