Work Package 4

holistic optimization

Our Challenge
We want to enhance the overall situational awareness and facilitate holistic optimization for disruption management. We are provisioning data (e.g. taxi times, crew pairing/crew rostering) matching the Opstimal flight plan to help predict and overcome the impact of a disruption. Our Tools and data need to be able to be integrated with other tools.
Our Vision and Mission

Opstimal develops the added value through software-based optimization for specific use cases in the field of airline operations, which can be realized in practice through the advancing digitization in aviation for manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, airlines and passengers to improve planning and operation. The expert and optimization systems already used by the partners today will initially be further developed within their domain using the digital possibilities for improved optimization. The systems from work packages 1, 2 and 3 exchange specific information via the cloud platform in work package 4, which is used by a holistic optimizer to provide robust solutions for the selected use cases according to selectable priorities (e.g. costs, punctuality, passenger satisfaction, flight safety, etc.) to work out.

This enables a holistic view of the system, the potential gain of which is far greater than the value from the sum of the individual systems. Each work package follows an analogous procedure. First, there is a reduction to urgent use cases with high potential for improvement. For each selected use case, the expected value gain and thus the validation target are also defined. The required data sources and the infrastructure for the exchange of information between the systems are then defined, taking into account the applicable standards and rules as required by the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concept.

At the end, our focus lies on having a demonstrator tool which gives two options for the operator on how to handle the problem that was encountered, minimizing cost and keeping customer satisfaction on a high level. Our goal is to minimze the involved operation cost but at the same time keep the customer satifaction level high.

our use cases and Cooperation

The overall airline operation is looking for tools which combine all disruption related information in one view. Optimizing the Situational Awareness and combining the collected data to come up with options to cost effectivley resolve the situation is the goal.

Therefore, the following use cases have been selected:

  • Integrated Maintenance and Recovery for MRO Departments
  • Situational Awareness for both OCC and Pilots
  • Arrival Steering/ Improved Turnaround for the OCC
  • Holistic Optimization inside the Airline Operations OCC